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As a specialist digital imaging and digital presentations company we are able to offer our experience and a range of services under the umbrella of Video Production.

FullHouse have worked closely with organisations such as The Gauteng Film Office , The Stunt Company , AerialFX and XSP Stunts South as well as provided extensive images throughout South Africa for South African Tourism Presentations.

FullHouse have worked in many locations throughout South and Southern Africa. Many of these can be seen in our Virtual South Africa website.

"Out of the Ordinary" video clips requiring specialist know-how, rigging and stunt coordination such as the Inverted Exit out of a Pitts Special for Trade Centre, the Baobab Quad biking Video that took us on an 85km ride or the video clip of all rides at Gold Reef City are some of the more fun things that we have worked on.

Music Videos - Ardé just came back from Mauritius having filmed her 2nd music video. This will be posted soon.

FullHouse can facilitate elements of, or all of your video production requirements from:

  • Pre Production:
    • Location Sourcing
    • Casting
    • Crew
    • Script Writing
    • Story Boarding
  • Production:
    • Direction and Production
    • Equipment Sourcing
    • Camera Operators and Crew
    • Shooting
    • Staging Requirements
  • Producing:
    • Costing and reconciling
    • Scheduling
  • Post Production:
    • Off Line Editing
    • On Line Editing
    • Special FX, 3d animations and compositing
  • Audio:
    • Sound Recording
    • Audio Editing
    • Voice Over, Voice Sourcing, Voice Licensing and Voice Recording
    • Studio Facilitation and Direction.
    • Sound FX.
  • Duplication:
    • DVD
    • CD
  • Presentation:
    • DVD Presentations
    • CD Presentations
    • Streaming Online Video
  • Compression:
    • Compression for a range of requirements.

Click on buttons to view streaming videos

Lesedi Cultural Village
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Show Real
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Sunland Baobab
Size: 1,70 MB
Icarus in Plettenberg
Size: 2,78 MB
Pitts Special Exit
Size: 328 KB
Gold Reef City
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