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“The FullHouse Difference”

We believe that we offer a special kind of service to our customers – the FullHouse service

We believe that we are the only totally digital imaging company covering the full spectrum of imaging types and presentation formats. We have the knowledge, experience and positive attitude required to work in any situation to get any kind of shot, often producing results that do not need words.

We immerse ourselves in your environment to give you the best possible results.

We only invoice for images and presentations once approved and we aim to do this on site. If you are not happy with our work we will carry on until you are. With everything being digital there is instant gratification all the way.

We are the only accredited iPIX IDP partner in Southern Africa, which attests to our ability to deliver the goods. We have been retained by some of the most prestigious hotel groups as well as the largest hotel groups in Southern Africa.

We are not just photographers but concentrate on the final result i.e. the deployment of the images. Our images can be presented in many formats: as an E-Brochure attached to an email; in a website; on an E-Card or in a Virtual Tour or TV Studio production as well as the various print media. It is essential to be familiar with all the possible uses and technical issues involved to ensure that the optimum image is produced.

We stay on top of technical issues, particularly all the ramifications of placing different types of digital images in websites, Java and ActiveX, the idiosyncrasies of the various operating systems, browsers and security settings.

We have a very flexible approach – getting the best result for the customer is our main priority. This might mean going to location at short notice, extending the shoot until the best conditions are available or returning to location at the perfect time. We have been known to organize perfect weather!

We remove the hassle from the customer and website developers by offering a hosting service which can ensure that images are displayed correctly, with the latest software and up to date help files. We can create full websites or images only websites, which can be linked seamlessly to existing websites. There is no need for web developers to master a whole new technology.


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