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  Case Study

Below are six compiled Case Studies to indicate how FullHouse work together with clients to deliver 'visual contents' that keep our clients at the forefront of our imaging and presentation abilities.

Xtreame Sports Woman Calender 2006
Xtreame Sports Woman Calender 2006
Nikon South Africa
      Loskop Marathon
Protea Hotels  
Cango Caves

University of Johannesburg Open Day Presentation.

Asked by the electronic communications department of the University of Johannesburg to assist with their first centralised Open Day, we conceptualised and researched a way to fill the main auditorium with an audiovisual presentation made up of still images, 360x360 images, 3D models, video, voice, and music. The presentation was aimed at showcasing the five campuses and nine faculties at the university.

Five long-throw projectors were set up in the auditorium and aligned seamlessly, throwing the presentation onto the front and side walls of the auditorium.

The 10 minute presentation was played 26 times throughout the Open Day (20 May 2006) that was attended by more than 22 000 visitors.

The presentation required numerous photographic shoots including 360x360 images, flat images and video on all five campuses. Nine body-painted students were also 3D modeled for incorporation into the presentation.
Below are the different Digital presentation formats compilled
  - 3D Modeling of 9 Body Painted Students
  - School of Tourism and Hospitality 360 Gallery

  - Kingsway Campus 360 Gallery
  - UJ Campus's Gallery

In addition to this, we produced a CD presentation that was handed out to prospective students at the Open Day. The CDs contained information such as corporate videos, maps to the different campuses, the career menu and application forms. This was burnt onto 12 000 E-Cards and stands as the largest single production of E-Cards in South Africa.


The projection method for the UJ open day presentation was made possible through a close working relationship with Solid Rock Productions

Hi Guys

Just a BIG thank you for your input that ensured that our Open Day presentation went down so well.

I really appreciated the fact that I literally had no worries because you and your various crews were so efficient.

On the day, there wasn’t a single hitch. The audiences were highly appreciative and I have had excellent feedback from visitors and staff alike.

It has been a pleasure and I look forward to future collaborations!
Have a very good day!

Emmerentia Nel
Electronic Communications
University of Johannesburg


Visit the Lesedi Website

Lesedi African Lodge approached FullHouse to consult on and design their stand for Indaba 2006. If you don’t know Indaba it is the largest tourism conference for Southern Africa attended by some 12 000 international delegates and with around 1600 exhibitors.


The Lesedi stand position is between the ICC and DEC in a high traffic area but also in an exposed area (i.e. exposed to the Durban weather conditions – typically raining one day, windy the next then hot as hell).

The images needed to be of high enough quality to be printed in a large format, the materials and print style needed to be selected to withstand the elements as well as transportation and survive for at least 3 years of exhibitions all over the country. Oh and it needed to be high impact to attract the masses of traffic of foot that passed the stand between exhibition halls.

All in all it worked out just fine and the 60.8 square metres of print area survived taking the Indaba SILVER award for stand design (and that’s out of 1600 stands).

Stand Judging was conducted over the weekend of the show by judges from EXSA (The Exhibition Association of South Africa). Stands were judged according to stand size allowing a fair representation of small and large stands.





Xtreme Sports Woman Calendar 2006

Approached by Wilmarie Janse Van Rensburg of Speed Queen Racing, FullHouse committed to shooting the beautiful ladies at various locations around the country for the first Xtreme Sports Woman Calendar to hit South Africa.

We decided to shoot each lady in their environment where they would be most comfortable. Most of them (being extreme sports participants) had never had their hair and make up done.

There was also a short time scale with the target launch at the LG Xtreme Sports Expo at the coca cola dome. Two months from conceptualisation to launch.

Shooting in locations from mountains to oceans, hangars to racetracks, indoor ski slopes to MX tracks. All the equipment had to be carried and battery powered (including the lights).

This optimises our catch phrase “immersing ourselves in your environment to give you the best possible visual results”.

To see the full Xtreme Sports Woman Calendar and to purchase your copy – click here...


Nikon Case Study

FullHouse was started with just one Nikon camera and continues to use a range of Nikon equipment. We can certainly verify that the Nikon equipment stands up to what we are prepared to do to it to get the required shots.

The images that we take and the presentations that we produce are a result of the combination of the emergence of the digital era and digital camera equipment, editing techniques, software, concepts, ideas and people.

Nikon South Africa PresentationNikon South Africa Presentation

In an interesting array of circumstances we came to present our imaging and presentation abilities to Nikon South Africa.

The Motivation

We explained how we combine a number of digital imaging techniques using a range of digital cameras with various software and programming techniques to create digital presentations for an extremely diverse and high profile customer base. We then demonstrated some of our most impressive work.

The comment from the executive director of Nikon SA was “we have heard of most of these specialist digital imaging techniques but never actually seen them in use.”

Nikon South Africa PresentationNikon South Africa Presentation

Having already captured a vast array of images of Nikon equipment in action on various assignments for our Hard @ Work gallery we discussed compiling an interactive presentation for Nikon.

Our Brief

An auto run, interactive and hand out CD Presentation to educate and excite 18 to 30 sales staff and management about the Nikon brand and the range of digital cameras.

The exciting parts of the presentation included the following features:

  • Interactive models of the box sets unpacking to show, down to the lens cap, the exact contents of each box
  • Interactive 3D models of each camera to show the ergonomics and special features of each camera’s design
  • Hard hitting Outro. Following on from “At the heart of the Image” and making use of carefully selected images, suitable music and key phrases the Outro leaves a lasting impression around the Nikon brand
  • There is also an internet gallery which features the interactive box sets and 3D models of the cameras (Click here to view Gallery...)


The presentation we produced is a combination of excitement, technology and many images, all taken with Nikon equipment. The packing and interactive box sets are particularly effective.

FullHouse is very pleased to have been given the opportunity to impress a major player in the digital camera market and to be asked to create such a presentation.


Forever Resorts Loskop Marathon Series

In 2005 the Forever Resorts Group committed to being the principle sponsor of the 3rd largest Ultra Marathon in SA. The Comrades qualifier is to be known as the Forever Resorts Loskop Marathon for the next 10 years.

When the question came up as to who was going to provide the online facilities and infrastructure FullHouse, Forever Resorts Internet and Imaging Partner, was asked to be present at the next marathon committee meeting.

FullHouse have been providing The Forever Resorts Group ( with an imaging, digital presentation and website design, maintenance and hosting service for a number of years now.

The Run Up

In true style the ( website was up and running at short notice and continually updated right up until the start of the race.

As a general rule any changes to FullHouse websites are processed and uploaded within 24 hours, in the case of the ( website news, important information and the sponsors’ logos and links were up on the site within a couple of hours of the information arriving in our office.

As they were developed, modules were inserted in to the website, including a search facility for permanent race numbers and an “am I registered?” facility.

Race Day

The imaging requirements for the marathon are huge. Our brief was to provide an imaging service that would satisfy the requirements of:

  • The Media – delivery of images before the first person crosses the line
  • The Principle Sponsor – provide marketing material for 2006
  • Individual Runners – make available individual runners images

The FullHouse Team was up at 03:00am. To achieve all the photographic requirements we had 4 Quad bikes, 2 roving photographers, 2 permanent photo points, photography at the finish line and a designated area for the photography of 10th marathon and birthday runners, as well as a printing station. Prize giving imaging was also compiled.

  • Images were constantly delivered to the media centre to provide the media with material for immediate delivery to their respective publications
  • Images of the 10th marathon runners and birthday runners were sent for immediate on site printing for delivery at the end of race prize giving in a pre designed and printed presentation folder
  • Category winners, 20th marathon runners and spot prize-winners were photographed at the prize giving
  • In total around 120 prints were delivered on the day in the pre designed presentation folder
  • A slideshow of images was presented at the VIP Dinner that evening.

Post Race

Results, News, images and a race number time result search facility were all incorporated into the website by Monday morning.

More than 16 000 high-resolution digital images taken with 5 different cameras were stored on a dedicated 100gb hard drive, which was systematically worked through to organise images for the various areas of requirement and delivery.

The first priority was to get selected images up on to the website. Then the resizing, renaming, renumbering and uploading of all of the images began.

Marathon runners were able to search the imaging database for their photographs, view a larger image (even email it to a friend) and to order online any number of images printed in various sizes with a range of delivery options.

A post race E-Book was produced by FullHouse containing information and results from the race as well as images and links.

Statistical Information

Detailed statistical information was available on an ongoing basis regarding various areas of the website.

We were able to provide the following information:

  • daily breakdown of the number of visits, unique visitors, page impressions and hits
  • breakdown of the duration of the visits to the site
  • breakdown of the most popular pages on the site
  • breakdown of the links from external websites
  • breakdown of the search phrases and words

With proper analysis this information can be absolutely vital in maximising the impact and the success of a website.

Cooperation and Integration

The effective delivery of the entire service involved cooperation with several other players, including:

This included integration of systems and services, including the race entrants and results databases.


Protea Hotels

Originally commissioned to produce a CD Presentation for marketing purposes for The Aventura Resorts (at the time managed by Protea Hotels) we have expanded our horizons and plugged our abilities in imaging and presentations into The Largest Hotel Group in Africa.

Protea Hotels Ryalls Billboard

For Protea Hotels FullHouse provides the following services:

  • Flat Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • 360x360 Imaging
  • Virtual Tour Plug-in for web site (both construction, hosting and maintenance)
  • Protea Templated CD Presentations, design, construction and duplication

Images taken by FullHouse have been used:

  • On the web site
  • Widely in Proteas Prokard magazine, on the front cover and throughout
  • For Internet marketing and email “teasers”
  • For brochures, flyers and business cards
  • Billboards internationally

Presentations created for Protea by FullHouse have been modified for special formats in both IMAX Theatres and the Johannesburg Planetarium.

African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel

For the Annual Executive Conference 2002 FHI were asked to produce a 2 minute “kick arse” presentation on Melrose Arch, which received a standing ovation. OK so it may have been Melrose Arch that deserved the standing ovation but hey!

FullHouse have performed imaging assignments for Protea Hotels internationally in South Africa, Malawi and Nigeria with absolute efficiency.

At FullHouse we are proud to say that we have developed numerous relationships with groups such as Protea Hotels. Presenting new ideas and concepts and seeing them approved at head office level and being trusted to literally go wild with our ideas and concepts.


Cango Caves

In order to compile 360x360 images and flat photography for incorporation into the new web site it was necessary to spend some amount of time crawling though the caves at night as during the daytime the caves are often very busy with many people (it was dark anyway).

Cango Caves 1Cango Caves 2

At FullHouse we will immerse ourselves in your environment to give you the best possible visual results.

We have developed a passion for visually beautiful environments and take great pleasure in presenting them in visual formats.



One of the more fun assignments was when we got the go ahead to take 3 images inside each of the branches around South Africa.

Our brief was a Stage Shot, a Table Dance Shot and a Private Room Shot. The girls must be dressed. No customers in the shots.

In order to get the images we had 5 minutes between the ladies being ready and the customers arriving, which we bought ourselves by asking the ladies to be ready 5 minutes earlier than usual. Asking any lady to be ready 5 minutes early is a mission, this is a kittens den of performing artists putting on their makeup and furs. The Republic of ..........!

Once the environment was set, the lighting right and the ladies ready some of them didn’t want their faces on the internet. The solution here was obvious, show more of the body and less of the face!

Teazers 1Teazers  2

An interesting thing with taking 360x360 images is that you can’t use artificial light and in low light situations longer shutter speeds are required. Asking the feisty dancers to crowd around a camera, stick out their chests and butts and to stay still while you climb around the table might seem a little unfair but the results speak for themselves.

Being able to work in any environment and with all types of people is something we pride ourselves on. Also applying our imaging and presentation skills and abilities to new ideas and concepts often produces very interesting results.


Occasionally we have to work really hard….FullHouse Hard @ Work


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