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  360 x 360º images

“Enhance your Web Site”

The recommended method of delivery for 360 x 360º images on the web is in an images gallery.

360 Button
360 Button
360 Button

An images gallery can be linked to any web site whether existing or constructed by FullHouse, via a simple button that can be added to any page of any web site.

An images gallery features:

  • All of the images in one place with easy to use click on thumbnails
  • Option to have text about each image
  • Default to java viewer
  • Full screen option with java viewer
  • Option to download ActiveX viewer giving faster load times and navigation
  • Full screen option with ActiveX viewer
  • Tested on Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, PC and Apple Mac
  • Full and up to date help documentation
  • The latest viewers and information are available and updated when required
  • Each images gallery is designed with the look and feel of the existing site in mind and can be brought up as a frame within the main site or as a separate browser session with option to go to “next” and “previous” image.

The following are the different types of Galleries:

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